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Furniture Care Instructions

Congratulations, you’ve made an excellent investment (even if we do say so ourselves). To help you protect and look after your furniture we suggest following this simple care-guide.

On Delivery:

1. Make sure that the room is ready and access is clear for our delivery teams. If you have wooden floors, protect them from the feet of your new furniture

2. Once you receive your furniture and the packaging has been removed, take a few minutes to inspect it. Make sure you are completely satisfied before the delivery team leaves your premises

3. Once the tight protective wrapping is removed from leather sofas, the cushions may appear flatter than expected and the leather creased. Use the palms of your hands to press gently on the leather surface and smooth the cushions and leather into their normal shape. Plump all cushions. Once air begins to circulate around the suite, the leather will relax and fall into its original shape

Regular Maintenance:

1. Plump and turn cushions daily. Over time some fillings, including fibre, will lose up to 20% of their original volume through normal wear and tear. Daily plumping will help them last longer.

2. To reduce the abrasive effect of dust and crumbs use the upholstery or drape attachment to vacuum your furniture weekly

3. We also recommend using a leather care kit to protect the leather and prolong its life

4. Never use any cleaning product other than an appropriate leather cleaning product or a warm, damp cloth

5. If you spill something always blot up the excess liquid immediately, never rub or use detergents or you could cause permanent damage

Making It Last:

1. Don’t place your furniture too close to direct heat or air conditioning, this can cause joints to dry out and squeaks and creaks to develop

2. Remember light affects colour so over exposure to sunlight will cause your furniture to fade

3. Never pull loose threads, trim them off neatly with sharp scissors

4. Over time, perspiration and natural oils from our skins and hair can have an affect on the finish of leather. Where hands, bare arms or heads rest on the hide, wipe regularly with a slightly damp cotton cloth. Do the same with any areas where pets may have rubbed against your furniture

5. Be careful when wearing denim jeans or non colour-fast dark clothing as they can discolour light coloured suites

Top tips to help look after your leather

Always try any cleaning method in a hidden area first to convince yourself of the results.

For minor spots and spills, wipe up any excess liquid immediately with a clean absorbent cloth or sponge. If necessary, use a lightly moistened soft cloth with clean lukewarm water, and let it air dry naturally. If water is used, clean the entire area where the spot occurred. Do not use soap or soak the stain heavily with water. This may cause more damage than the stain itself.

Never use cleaning solvents, furniture polish, oils, varnish, abrasive cleaners, detergent soaps, or ammonia water.

For butter, oil, or grease stains, wipe off excess with a clean dry cloth, and then leave alone as the spot should dissipate into the leather after a short period of time.

If the stain persists, get a professional leather specialist to avoid any potential damage to the leather itself.

For minor or slight scratches on the surface, use a chamois or clean fingers to gently buff the scratch. If needed, moisten lightly with distilled water to work scratches out.

Remember that leather is a natural product and requires some care to maintain its natural beauty.

We hope you find this guide useful. Look after your leather and it will last for many years to come.

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