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Details of Eames Office Chair Low Back Ribbed White Leather - Reproduction

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Isn't the white in fashion today? The absolute curve of the Eames office low back ribbed chair, sticks to your spinal cord and provides comfort to your body. The chair is a must for businessman who works day in and day out.

An obvious chic for the modern furniture trend, white leather appears soft and feather comfy. To ensure seated comfort this chair is a continuous piece of leather material between 2 aluminum side ribs and stretched the upholstery tautly around each end of the frame.

With the fact that the design of the chair has come along a long span of time, it is commendable for the inventor to have thought about the wonderful sleek design. Charles Eames has blessed the future generation with the art of its own type.

Inspired By : Charles Eames
Description : It brings an air of elegance, professionalism and quality to offices decor.
Dimensions : Width: 54 cm
Depth : 52 cm
Seat Height: 45 - 52 cm
Back Height : 90 - 97 cm
Color : White
Material : Electroplated Aluminum Alloy
Premium Italian Leather
Safety:: All of our furniture products fulfill the UK/Europe & USA fire safety standards.

Material:Electroplated Aluminum Alloy and Premium Italian Leather.

Width : 54 cm
Depth : 52 cm
Seat Height: 45 - 52 cm
Back Height : 90 - 97 cm

We use the finest quality raw materials in all our products.

Swivel and tilting feature
Titling Lock
Height Adjustable ( Gas Lift )

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