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Details of Eames LCW Chair Rose Wood - Reproduction

  • Price: 230.00€   (Incl. VAT)

Walnut, cherry and rose wood are long known to be the long lasting wood types. This is what makes LCW chairs more stylish. The thin sheets of veneer and the basic wood-molding techniques are applied to mold the beautiful wooden chairs.

LCW or basically known as the Low chair wood or Eames plywood lounge chair is crafted with the structural inspiration of Eames chairs.

These molded plywood chairs are good for general home purpose and as dining room chairs.

Inspired By : Charles Eames
Dimensions : 56 W | 62 D | 71 H (Seat: 37) cm
Safety: All of our furniture products fulfill the UK/Europe & USA fire safety standards.

Eames LCW in walnut, cherry and rose wood are in stock and ready to ship

Dimensions: 56 W | 62 D | 71 H (Seat: 37) cm

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