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Charles and Ray Eames

Eames Lounge chair And Ottoman By Charles and Ray Eames

Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman was designed by designer Charles and Ray Eames in year 1956. Charles. Charles was an American designer, architect and filmmaker who, together with his wife Ray, is responsible for many iconic designs of the last century. Their exclusive range of designer furniture have been in production continuously since they were created. These furnitures are well-known for its elegance, luxury, sophistication, and Comfort. They are also part of the permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art and Design.

Charles Eames once said "A special refuge from the strains of modern living."

Even today, there is great demand for Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman because it provides a sense of comfortability and relaxation. As per today's need, we designed a wide range of eames Lounge Chair and ottoman, by amalgamating our state-of-the-art technology and Ray structural idea.

We have a great passion for skillfully designed high quality contemporary furniture. We combine comfort with both finest materials and high quality workmanship. This passion, skill and classic ideas are reflected in our every product.

Our Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman product listed as follows

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