Details of Noguchi Coffee Table insp by Isamu Noguchi Beech

Design inspired by: Isamu Noguchi
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This reproduction beech color Noguchi Coffee Table inspired by Isamu Noguchi has an innovative base. This sturdy table is an epitome of balance. Its clear cutout thick glass top resting on a solid beach wooden frame makes it practical and magnificent coffee table. You can keep it in your living area, waiting area, or in a guest room and or any other room where you want to add modernistic appeal. Its state-of-the-art design will reflect your elite taste in decor selection.


  • Solid Beach Wood Frame
  • 12mm Thick Glass

moDecor does not hold any affiliation with any other party who may sell, produce, reproduce or distribute modern-classic furniture or other similar products. All products made for and on behalf of moDecor are quality reproductions.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Solid Beach Wood Frame + 12mm Thick Glass
  • Dimensions: Width:127 * Depth:95 * Height:40 cm || 12mm Glass
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Noguchi Coffee Table


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