Details of Eye Clock inspired by George Nelson

Design inspired by: George Nelson
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Crafted with a variety of materials, the reproduction of George Nelson-Eye Clock beautifully epitomises human eye traits. Its unique design will look great hanged on any wall. This stylish clock features aluminum Quartz holder, brushed brass lids, maple center and walnut horizon sticks. It boasts delicate construction but can be completely relied upon durability. The clock runs on a AA 1.5V battery and it is supplied along.


  • Human eye shaped wall clock.
  • Aluminum Quartz holder.
  • Brushed brass lids.
  • Maple center.
  • Walnut horizon sticks.
  • Aesthetically crafted.

moDecor does not hold any affiliation with any other party who may sell, produce, reproduce or distribute modern-classic furniture or other similar products. All products made for and on behalf of moDecor are quality reproductions.

Safety: All of our furniture products fulfill the UK/Europe & USA fire safety standards.

Material/Quality: maple centre piece, brushed brass outerframe.

Dimensions:  width 77cm * depth 7cm * height 33cm.
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Eye Clock


George Nelson


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